Searching for meaning, a wandering angel. In an attempt to quench the thirst for knowledge. We know them, but this one is unknown to us.

Series of artworks: A thin thread of light 1/5

Size: 2931px x 1793px

Lost Angel

Time is a convention. The universe gives us a chance, but it won't suffer our defeat. We are not the last.

Series of artworks: A thin thread of light 2/5

Size: 3270px x 2000px


The spawn of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden is the forbidden fruit.

There is no idle talk in these gardens. Around the apparent chaos, complete peace reigns. It is known that torment and suffering are opposed to the Highest innocent bliss, the attainment of the desired bliss anticipates a series of sufferings. Bliss cannot be called innocent. It leaves a mark.

The Apple of Eden
Pink in the eyes of a pessimist. A story about the history of obstacles in the world of modern technology and a steadfast unbreakable position in the fight against them.

6000px х 3000px